Visual  Artist




Extensive practice
I have considerable experience in Community Arts working with a broad spectrum of community groups including adults, senior citizens, youth, children, people with intellectual and physical disability, prisoners and using a wide range of art medium.

Areas of specialisation  
I have an wide range of art and craft skills and techniques including  painting, batik, mosaic, murals, collage, clay, textile art, papier maché, model-making, artist book- making and more. Project are designed and tailor-made for each Community Group.

What can I do for you and your group?
If you have a wall – indoors or out – crying out for attention, we can make a mural, perhaps with mosaic elements, to a theme chosen by you.
Maybe your group would prefer to learn other new skills and develop their creativity through batik, mosaic, clay, painting ? I will design your project to your requirements.

The project can be worked on at your pace and I can be flexible in this – meeting once a week, once a month or an intense workshop over a period of days or weeks.

What are you waiting for?

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Some key examples of my work include :
- a 50 m²  mural in a day care centre for people with intellectual
  disability and special needs;           
- a clay and painting project in a day care centre involving a 
  group of
senior citizens;
- a multimedia mural with mosaic (20 m² ) in a Community
  Workshop for
- multimedia mural for a Youth Café ~ inaugural project to 
envolvement and act as a focus to attract more
  young people;               

- a two-week programme for prisoners to explore creativity
the medium of batik;
- a Summer programme of art activities for mothers and their 
residing in temporary refuge exploring creativity  

- a bookmaking project using paint, print and combined
  materials for
participants with acquired brain injury;
- designing and creating a mosaic installation in day care
- largescale mural in a Community & Family Resource Centre
parents support group;   
- murals created by a group of men with mental health 
  problems in
residential care. 
Have a look at my Community Art gallery to see the range of wonderfully colourful and inspiring projects.
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