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An exquisite painting of a traditional tea bowl 'chawan' ,  inspired by the Japanese artform kintsugi: repair of ceramics using pure gold . The main red colour has been underpainted with orange and yellow tones. The textured pattern is revealed using the sgraffito technique.

From my Precious Bowls series. I sometimes name these bowls with the Japanese word for the main colour or feeling of the piece. 'Akaneiro' means madder - the plant from which red pigments are made.

Mixed media:

    pigment ( colour ) suspended in beeswax

    gold leaf (23carat - It's as pure as you can get)

    cold wax method

    wax encaustic

110 x 110mm

Beeswax gives colour a beautiful translucence making it seem as if light glows from within the painting.

Painted on Fabriano (300gsm 100% cotton paper) with my classic torn edge.

My signature is etched onto gold in the bottom right of the painting.

To arrange personal collection please call me 0868923606.

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