....making art is my passion. I reinvent the world around me with colour and texture....



 Citrus groves bursting with tantalising oranges, biting lemons, zinging limes; exquisite persimmons, fabulous figs, opulent pomegranates - painting exotic fruit has become a fascination for me. Leaving the Mediterranean for the moment I find myself searching the gardens, orchards and hedgerows of home to seek fruits just as exotic and alluring: cherries, pears, plums, peaches, rosehips, damsons.....in abundance.

Last year I introduced a breakthrough in my exploration of art mediums; a new way of making my work that proved to be very satisfying. My use of beeswax as a medium has now evolved through rigorous trial and error. I have devised a style which is a fusion of drawing, painting and the batik process to a truly pleasing aesthetic effect. Wax encaustic is applied giving a lustrous sheen finish.

My more traditional 'sgraffito'technique involves working on emerging images; scratching through numerous layers of paint and revealing colours from below. Threads of colour mingle - it?s almost like weaving a tapestry. You can see examplars of this style in 'Amapolo' and the other poppies in this collection.

The deckle edge and fabric-like quality of the support I use - Fabriano Artistico - is a significant aspect of my work. The paper is frayed deliberately giving the appearance of a fragment. Manipulating the fragments transforms, strengthens and magnifies the image. Torn edges, fragile paper contrast the robust nature of the paint. It is a powerful sensation to 'tear' the painting knowing that it is the right thing to do.

Making art is my passion. I reinvent the world around me with colour and texture. Alteration of scale allows me to present a new landscape inspired by the natural world. A world usually unnoticed by the casual observer. There is so much of the exotic in everyday life. I want to bring that increased awareness and sensual connection associated with a meditative state of mind to ordinary things.

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