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ART GALLERY original paintings by Mary Wallace

Contemporary Irish artist Mary Wallace is best known for her unique and vibrant paintings. Precious bowls and moonjars, exotic fruit, flamboyant hens, cockerels and other creatures including fish and animals. Her creative style is abstract and surreal.

She is inspired by life and nature and uses unusual art media such as beeswax, egg tempera, pure gold. Japanese influences are apparent in her work.  

 “Intrigued by the Japanese idea of wabi sabi, seeing beauty in imperfection, I have created
a body of paintings unlike anything I have done before. Kintsugi is the repair of
porcelain using gold. Whilst the intrinsic beauty remains, the flaw is given respect
the preciousness enhanced. This concept has resonance for so many people. They
fascinated by my use of pure gold too! “

This is her official website gallery where you can see her entire range of original paintings, mixed media and textile art.