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IN MOONLIGHT...                     
                                                                   In Moonlight I   Mary Wallace 2019 ©

On the night of the lunar eclipse I got up and went outside to gaze at the amazing event many, many times. It was beautiful. This is what I saw just as the Moon was coming out of the Earth's shadow - a gleaming brightness which was stunning in contrast to the darkness. I don't think I will ever forget the sight.

I have painted twelve dazzling Moons for you.  They are small but sweet.  For you, for the one you love, for anyone who loves our beautiful Moon.

After all, it is the most romantic moment - gazing at the moon with the one you love.  Forget about flowers and chocolates... promise them the moon!



In Moonlight VI

In Moonlight IX
In Moonlight X
In Moonlight XII
90 x 90mm (250 x 250mm framed)
Mixed Media - Beeswax, pigments, gold
In Moonlight V

In Moonlight VII
In Moonlight II
In Moonlight III
In Moonlight I

In Moonlight VIII
In Moonlight XI
In Moonlight IV
                In Moonlight I   Mary Wallace 2019 ©
                In Moonlight II   Mary Wallace 2019 ©