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Perfect timing!
My interview with Penny McCormick of The Gloss magazine coincides with the launch of my new collection of work at Wexford Festival opera in Clayton White Hotel.
Interview by Déshabillé Arts reveals some interesting insights as I answer searching questions about why I make art, how I make it and where I find my inspiration. March 8th, 2018

HAPPY  TALKING  South East Radio (95.6 - 96.4 FM) 

Hear me in conversation with Liam Gaul talking about my art and inspiration. July 2nd, 2016

Mary Wallace talks to Liam Gaul
(Happy Talking)
Sunday Business Post, 30th October 2011
Well; this is a blast from the past. Yes! It's really me. On RTE Nationwide! A different hair style and a good few years younger. After all if I am going to tell you about the stories and inspiration behind my paintings what better way to go than to share this video with you. It's really about where it all started ....