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February 2018 Parallax Art Fair, London, 3rd - 5th February

April 2018 "Incognito" Solomon Art Gallery, Dublin

Charity Art event to benefit The Jack & Jill Children's Foundation

May 2018 Love Your Home event, City West Convention Centre, Dublin, 12th & 13th May

October 2018 Wexford Festival Opera , Clayton Whites Hotel, Wexford, 19th October-4th November

November 2018 Art Source, RDS, Dublin, 9th - 11th November

My work can be seen throughout the year in Lime Lane Gallery, Monkstown, Co. Dublin

                                         Remember Wexford Festival Opera 2017
Just a taste of my exhibition during Wexford Festival Opera. See you again next year!
Let me tell you - working with gold leaf is a delicate business, requiring patience and practice to place that filigree just as you want it.  Sometimes I feel it has a mind of its own as the gentlest breath of air can cause it to flicker and fly away!  Have a look at this short video I took and you'll get the idea.
Find yourself looking for the perfect gift - a wedding, birthday, anniversary or presentation?  I have created a  Little Gallery and think you might find some beautiful treasures there.  Take a look.  There are Precious Bowls, golden Arthearts and ...... a special edition of prints, framed and unframed.  What wonderful presents they would make!

Would you like to do a Community Art project with me? For more information and to see images of some amazing projects I have been involved with visit my Community Art pages now. I would love to hear from you with your ideas. Call me soon 086 8923606

Well; this is a blast from the past. Yes! It's really me. A different hair style and a couple of years younger. After all if I am going to tell you about the stories and inspiration behind my paintings what better way to start than to share this video with you. It's really about where it all started ....

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