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Here's to a Better Day ! 
My portrait of Ingrid

Ingrid is from Wexford and is a Staff Nurse in University Hospital Waterford for the past twenty-one years.  She has been working on the Covid-19 Ward since it opened in March.

    "My painting of Ingrid is from a photograph taken in happier times having afternoon tea with a friend.  I feel I have caught her smile and the twinkle of happiness in her eyes as she raises her cup.  What most of us wouldn't do to meet up with friends again!"

Take a closer look and you will see that the cup has been repaired using #gold.  It is inspired by the Japanese art form #kintsugi.  The acceptance of transience and things being not quite perfect; beauty that is imperfect, impermanent, and incomplete, reflected in the philosophical idea of embracing beauty in imperfection, acceptance of change and fate as aspects of human life.  This is #wabisabi.

There is a message of hope in the painting.   As we heal from damage, loss, grief or trauma we are strengthened by these experiences.  Ingrid could tell you a thing or two about that too.

I've called her portrait ' Here's To A Better Day! '

    "So outside my comfort zone on this. My first time painting a portrait! Almost as nervous showing you as I was for my first solo exhibition many moons ago‚Ķ"

#portraitsforhseheroes was the tag that went up on Instagram on April 22nd. The initiative began in the UK as an artist's response to the COVID-19 pandemic and quickly caught on here. Artists wishing to show appreciation for HSE front line workers posted on social media that they were willing to paint a free portrait for the first HSE front line worker to contact them or to be nominated.
' Here's to a Better Day! '
My portrait of Ingrid
Mixed media - Wax, pigments, gold leaf
Dimensions - 30 x 30cm

Ingrid enjoying afternoon tea with a friend in the goodtimes...
This is the photograph which inspired my painting.