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This is my Summer Bowl collection. Natsu-jawan, also known as Summer Bowls, are vessels for drinking tea when the weather is warm. The wider shape allows the tea to cool more quickly. This is a traditional chawan (tea bowl).

During the year there are many types of tea ceremony depending on the time of day, the particular occasion or the season. The first tea ceremony of the year held in January is called Hatsugama 初釜, which means  “first kettle.”

Asa-cha / 朝茶 is an early-morning summer tea ceremony.
Yuuzari-no-chaji or Yûzari-no-chaji / 夕ざりの茶事 is the early-evening tea ceremony held in the warmer months


Details for all paintings in this collection
Mixed Media - Beeswax, pigments, gold
Dimensions 18 x 18cm
Framed 23 x 23cm

Natsu-jawan 1

Natsu-jawan 3

Natsu-jawan 10


Natsu-jawan 4

Natsu-jawan 7

Natsu-jawan 9

Natsu-jawan 13

Natsu-jawan 2

Natsu-jawan 5

Natsu-jawan 11



Natsu-jawan 6

Natsu-jawan 8

Natsu-jawan 12